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Properties in Neral are Trending

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When compared to the suburbs of Mumbai, Neral is not even considered as a part of the metro city. Usually, people think it as out of the boundary where convenience is hard to find. However, the fact is, Neral has much more to offer. Getting properties in Neral is also easy, and to get rid of the bustling lifestyle of the city, Neral is always a good option.


When the trend is considered, many people are also looking for flats in Neral. Whatever may be the reason; right from affordability to post-retirement provision, properties in Neral have got high demand.

What do you usually get with flats in Neral? You don’t get luxury life or big malls, but the convenience and the peace of mind you get is incredible. Many working individuals have their offices in Thane and nearby area. Plus, the property rates in Thane and Mumbai are touching the sky. The average middle-class individual usually doesn’t afford to buy even a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai or Thane as the minimum price starts from 50 Lakh onwards.


On the other hand, 1 BHK flats in Neral can be purchased starting from just Rs. 20 to 25 Lakhs. Of course, anyone can think of buying properties in Neral at such affordable rates.

Not just Mumbai and Thane, but many people have their jobs in mechanical fields, and MIDCs are the best suitable options for them. Here, Ambarnath and Badlapur MIDCs are the biggest and nearest ones to Neral. Besides, Rasayani, Panvel etc. other options are available where people travel daily. Neral suits them best because it offers greater travel convenience. The town is situated on the central railway, and every suburban train halt here while coming from and going to from Mumbai.


The proposed NAINA Project, i.e. Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area, is 1500 square kilometres structured proposed city which will offer thousands of jobs along with major residential projects. This proposed city will touch the other side of Matheran. The international airport is another reason as to why Neral is getting more and more attention. In the nearer future, Neral is going to be a city which will offer everything, and the property rates will also go high.

The current scenario may not convince you of what Neral has, but bearing in mind the future, getting properties in Neral will surely be beneficial. Furthermore, if you already have a flat in Mumbai or nearby, think of properties in Neral as an investment. It will give you a bunch of money in the future.

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